Even the most experienced writers often need a fresh eye on their work.  As a writer, I know that sometimes the line between what we know we want to say and what’s actually on the page can become blurred.

A good editor can help you see what you can’t see on your own.

There’s no one way to edit and each project needs something a little different. But I love editing because it’s such a close look into someone else’s thought process.

I can make your language clearer, structure your ideas and information, and bring the heart of the piece to the foreground.

I have helped people with full-length books as well as film and stage scripts, short stories, articles and term papers. 

If you need help with your writing, let me have a look at it.

“Not only did Dara Silverman do a thorough, efficient, and technically excellent job, but she consistently asked insightful questions and pointed things out that we would have otherwise missed. She brings a lyrical voice and the ability to refine a story.

— Jordan Gruber, Author/Founder of “The Practical Wordsmith”